Pizza & Pajama Night – Friday, February 1, 6pm

Pizza & PJ Night Feb 2013Enjoy a funny Groundhog’s Day tale by Jerry Pallotta and illustrated by David Biedrzycki.

It is February 2nd and all the animals want to know when winter will end. Rather than letting the groundhog get all the attention, the other animals want a chance to predict the end of winter. Who will see their shadows? A chicken? A polar bear? A camel?

None of those seems quite right. So who will see their shadows this year?  

Following the story,  children will get to create colorful versions of their shadows.  First, children’s silhouettes will be traced onto butcher paper. Then they will get to create an original design by adding color with paint or markers.  This is a great activity to learn about contours and abstraction of form.

Free for Members/$10 for Non-Members, which includes museum admission.