Winter Break Workshops – Monday, February 18 – Friday, February 22, 11am

CMEE will have a different workshop everyday at 11am.


Personal Pasta Salad

Create your own pasta salad with lots of tasty steamed veggies, salad dressing and parmesan cheese.





fun puttyTuesday
Fun Putty

Make your own putty that is stretchy and rubbery. Fun Putty bounces like a ball and picks up images from newspaper.



Bring the Beach Home

Are you missing the beach this winter? During this program, you can “Make a Beach” in a mason jar with sand, assorted shells, stones and drift wood.




Banana Muffins

Have fun baking a healthy snack with fresh bananas and other natural ingredients.






Home-Made Finger Paints

Learn how to make your own finger paints.  Then, have fun testing them out!




$10 for Member/$22 for Non-Members which includes admission.