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May 2017 – Letter From The President

Dear friend, Before coming to work this morning, my three-year-old son, Bennett asked if I wanted to watch a puppet show. Who could pass up such an offer!? “Of course,” I said as I helped him set up his puppet theater on a low table. He placed a chair behind the table and then pulled over […]

April 2017 – Letter From The President

Museum President, Steve Long, receiving his first haircut. Dear friend, While parents are supposed to give young children choices as a way to help them gain a sense of control over their lives, child development experts caution us to limit the options so that the child doesn’t become overwhelmed. However, what happens after you give […]

March 2017 – Letter From The President

Dear friend, “Look at the foil!” My two-year-old son and I were sitting at our dining table several months ago when he directed my attention outside. I had no idea what foil he was talking about. Was there aluminum foil in the yard? “The foil,” he repeated. I was completely confused. “What’s the foil?” I […]

February 2017 – Letter From The President

Dear friend, Watching my two boys interact has given me new appreciation for the challenges of being a younger sibling. I didn’t believe it growing up as the eldest in my family even though my sister regularly pointed it out. I always felt like she got special treatment. For example, the very first time I […]

January 2017 – Letter From The President

Dear friends, Happy New Year! Have you made a New Year’s Resolution? We asked kids attending our New Year’s Eve Ball Drop to write down a resolution for 2017. You can see them displayed in the Museum’s lobby and posted on our Facebook page. Some of my favorites included “Eat more mac and cheese”,  “I […]

December 2016 – Letter From The President

Dear friend, 2016 has been one of the most rewarding and exhausting years of my life. In March, my wife and I welcomed our second son, Grant. I was worried initially that our two-year-old might have trouble with the adjustment, but he’s turned out to be a very caring big brother. While we have certainly […]

November 2016 – Letter From The President

Dear Friends, Now that we have a baby named Grant at home, my wife was trying to encourage Bennett, our two-year-old to treat his brother gently because he’s much smaller. “What are some of the things your little brother can’t do that you can do?” she asked. I think she imagined he would say something […]


Dear Friends, Parents may be their child’s first teacher, but I often find it challenging to model good behaviors for my children. This was made abundantly clear last week when my two-year-old son, Bennett, asked me, “Daddy, why you say f#%k?” It was right after I had accidentally knocked a new container of wipes into […]


Dear Friends, Recently, I have received a series of wonderful invitations from my two-year-old son, Bennett. “Come play with me, daddy,” he says each morning just after waking up. “What would you like to play,” I ask. While he frequently wants us to build trains together using his Duplo Lego bricks, he sometimes insists that we […]


A while back, an old friend referred to me as a “social media ghost.” He was playfully acknowledging the fact that I don’t have a Facebook, Twitter, or an Instagram account. The Museum has all three, but I’ve yet to make the leap. When I managed a fantasy football team using the Internet, I wasted […]

July 2016 – Letter From The President

Dear Friends, How do we encourage our young children to feel comfortable with life transitions? That’s a question I’ve been thinking about while my son, Bennett, attends Early Independence, a gentle separation program at the Museum. Like most parents, I was a little concerned he would get upset when left by himself. I also worried […]


Dear Friends, Sometimes I tiptoe into my two-year-old son’s bedroom at night when he’s asleep to make sure he’s breathing. Have you ever done the same thing with your children? I realize it’s completely irrational, but I have to make sure everyone in the house is safe and sound before I can go to sleep. […]


Dear Friends, This is one of those “I never thought it would happen to me” stories. I’m sure you have seen a news report with the headline, “Mom Saves Baby’s Life With CPR.” I never paid much attention to these stories, even after taking CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) training a few years ago along with my […]


Dear Friends, I was overjoyed when my wife gave birth to Grant, our second son, in early March. My only concern was how Bennett, our two-year-old would react. Would he get jealous like the son of a friend of mine who threw blocks at their baby or would he throw tantrums and shriek “I AM […]


Dear Friends, At CMEE’s annual dinner where we celebrate the Museum’s biggest champions and supporters – this year, Dana Golding, Pam Henes and Alexandra Lebenthal were among the honorees – I was especially thrilled to recognize a group of moms who epitomize our community engagement and who have given back to CMEE in a very […]