Monday, December 24 – Sunday, December 30

Monday, December 24 & Tuesday, December 25
CMEE will be closing at 2pm and will reopen on Wednesday, December 26 at 9am.  Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 26 – Friday, December 28
Drop-In Workshops

Wednesday:   Everyone will want to make one of these cute cherry-filled mini pies.   With some lemon and orange zest, they are true Cherry Zingers!  Thursday: CMEE welcomes the Southampton Animal Shelter dogs and cats to our museum.  Children will bake a batch of dog cookies to feed our visitors.  Spread the word and consider adopting a pet!  Friday: Do real snowflakes melt too quickly?  Grow a borax crystal snowflake, color it blue if you like, and enjoy the sparkle all year long!

Wednesday, December 26 – Friday, December 28
Solarplate Printmaking Workshop

Children will create one-of-a-kind prints or a series of related images. This workshop explores one of the most spontaneous and fun forms of printmaking using fume free Akua inks for additive, subtractive, viscosity, and trace monotypes. Non-toxic materials and straightforward platemaking methods are used for creating monoprints.

This solarplate printmaking workshop will appeal to children ages 4 to high school level. Drop off is certainly an option!

Sunday, December 30
Waffle Day

CMEE brings the fantastical sights of the bigtop to you on the last Sunday of every month!  Children will mix and add the batter, wait a few minutes, and watch Belgian waffles come out in amazing circus shapes.  Fun for kids, delicious for everyone!