Where to host a kids birthday party - Come to the Children's Museum of the East End!

Children’s party packages

BABY’S BIG DAY—$225 (up to 8 children)

Celebrate your little one’s first birthday with your very own “Baby & Me” class! We’ll make sure the occasion is as special as it should be with a CMEE educator leading the group in music, movement, and other playful activities!

CLASSIC—$325 for 12 kids ($10 for each additional child—up to 20)

The CLASSIC children’s party package includes:

  1. Full day admission for your family and guests.
  2. 2 hours dedicated use of party space.
  3. A dedicated CMEE Playstaff Helper for the duration of your party.
  4. A Welcome Banner celebrating your child’s special day.
  5. A CMEE t-shirt for the birthday boy or girl.
  6. Announcement of your child’s birthday over the PA system.
  7. 2 guest passes for each party attendee to return to CMEE.
  8. Water and juice.
  9. Plates, napkins, utensils, table covering and color changing cups.
  10. Your choice of one of our “Party Activities.”

BASH—$495 for 12 kids ($20 for each additional child—up to 20)

The BASH birthday includes all the benefits of the CLASSIC birthday, PLUS:

  1. Double cut cheese pizza for the kids.
  2. Personalized sheet cake or cupcakes for the kids.
  3. A CMEE gift bag for each child.

When the doors close, the fun begins! For an additional fee, upgrade your CLASSIC or BIRTHDAY BASH to an “After Hours” party (5:30pm – 7:30pm) for an experience your child will never forget!


EXTRAVAGANZA—Call for pricing 

The EXTRAVAGANZA includes all the benefits of the BASH birthday, plus private use of the Museum and mini golf course, three dedicated Playstaff Helpers, outside tents (weather permitting) as well as food and drink for your adult guests.


  1. It’s All Fun and Games – Kids will enjoy classic games like Pin-The-Tail-On The Rabbit, Egg Races, Duck-Duck Goose, Musical Chairs, and Simon Says. (ages 3+)
  2. Get A Move On! – A disco ball and a kid friendly playlist will get your guests out of their seats and onto the dance floor. (ages 3+)
  3. Scavenger Hunt – Search for clues and answer riddles hidden in and around the Museum. (Ages 3+)
  4. Mini Golf Party* – It’s never too early to work on your short game! Guests receive personal instruction followed by a round of CMEE mini golf. (Ages 5+)
  5. Jackson Pollock Drip Painting – Drip, drop, and splatter tempera paints in the style of Jackson Pollock! (Ages 2+)
  6. Rocket Party* – The sky’s the limit when kids decorate and launch their own air-powered rockets! (Ages 2+)

*Seasonal availability

If you want to host your kid’s birthday party at the Children’s Museum of the East End, or you need more information, please contact CMEE at 631.537.8250 or fill out our Birthday Party Inquiry Form.