April 2017 – Letter From The President

Museum President, Steve Long, receiving his first haircut. Dear friend, While parents are supposed to give young children choices as a way to help them gain a sense of control over their lives, child development experts caution us to limit the options so that the child doesn’t become overwhelmed. However, what happens after you give […]

Spring Ladies Night @ The Hedges Inn – Wednesday, April 26th @ 6pm – 8pm

On Wednesday, April 26th, please join us for a rare peek inside the Historic Hedges Inn during our Spring Ladies Night! In addition to incredible cocktails and lively conversation, the night will feature a silent auction as well as a wonderful collection of raffle prizes from local businesses. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy an amazing evening […]

Q & A with Barbara Blaisdell, Community Outreach Educator

After retiring from a teaching career spanning over three decades, Barbara Blaisdell shows no interest in slowing down. Since 2010, she’s been working with the Museum’s Director of Community Outreach, Leah Oppenheimer, to create and teach programming for Spanish-speaking families in the area. What started as a small early literacy class has blossomed into an after school […]

March 2017 – Letter From The President

Dear friend, “Look at the foil!” My two-year-old son and I were sitting at our dining table several months ago when he directed my attention outside. I had no idea what foil he was talking about. Was there aluminum foil in the yard? “The foil,” he repeated. I was completely confused. “What’s the foil?” I […]

Q&A with local artist, David Demers

As a long-time resident of East Hampton, much of David Demers‘ work (a collection of which is currently on display at the Museum) is inspired by the East End’s celebrated landscapes. From the oceans and beaches to the farms and fields, his abstract and colorful canvases emphasize flow, organic shapes and layering to evoke the area’s abundance […]

February 2017 – Letter From The President

Dear friend, Watching my two boys interact has given me new appreciation for the challenges of being a younger sibling. I didn’t believe it growing up as the eldest in my family even though my sister regularly pointed it out. I always felt like she got special treatment. For example, the very first time I […]

Q & A with the Bridgehampton Child Care and Recreational Center’s Shanae Pritchard

The Children’s Museum recently began offering Science Connections at the Bridgehampton Child Care & Recreational Center. Designed with the next generation engineers, physicists, chemists, and computer programmers in mind, the weekly after school program promotes science education through fun, accessible projects. We spoke with Shanae Pritchard, the After School Director, to learn more about the […]

January 2017 – Letter From The President

Dear friends, Happy New Year! Have you made a New Year’s Resolution? We asked kids attending our New Year’s Eve Ball Drop to write down a resolution for 2017. You can see them displayed in the Museum’s lobby and posted on our Facebook page. Some of my favorites included “Eat more mac and cheese”,  “I […]

Q & A with Karen Boorshtein of Family Service League

For the past several months, educators from the Children’s Museum have provided monthly programming to kids staying at Family Service League‘s South Shore shelter. We recently spoke with Karen Boorshtein, the organization’s president and CEO, about the origins of the Family Service League, the services they provide, and what the partnership means for families struggling […]

Volunteering With Katy’s Kids @ CMEE

In addition to greeting families, registering kids for our many workshops, and ensuring kids have the time of their lives whenever they visit the Museum, Kieran Barber also volunteers with Katy’s Kids, a family bereavement program that meets at the Museum twice a month. Mr. Barber was kind enough to share some of his experiences […]