September 2017 – Letter From The President

Dear Friend, Recently, the Children’s Museum of the East End has begun revisiting its “brand.” While many folks associate “branding” with Fortune 500 companies, it’s just as important for children’s museums to develop strategies for differentiating themselves in the marketplace. Even though we are a charitable nonprofit organization, we’re still a business. And like any […]

August 2017 – Letter From The President

Dear Friend, Next month, the Children’s Museum is hosting a “Baby Gear Swap” where new and expectant parents can stock up on items they’ll need for their new baby. If you’re like me, you have boxes of baby stuff in your basement, attic or closet that you would love to get out of the house […]

July 2017 – Letter From The President

 Summer Kids Club at the Children’s Museum Dear Friend, One afternoon about a year ago, I was home with just my older son, Bennett, when he awoke from his nap. At the time, he was still sleeping in a crib and as I walked into his room, he was standing facing the door. At the […]

June 2017 – Letter From The President

Dear Friend, What do you think about bringing babies to work? A few years ago, just after his 2 month checkup, my eldest son, Bennett accompanied me to the Children’s Museum at least two or three days per week until he was nine months old. I was reminded of the experience reading Sarita James’ recent […]

May 2017 – Letter From The President

Dear friend, Before coming to work this morning, my three-year-old son, Bennett asked if I wanted to watch a puppet show. Who could pass up such an offer!? “Of course,” I said as I helped him set up his puppet theater on a low table. He placed a chair behind the table and then pulled over […]

April 2017 – Letter From The President

Museum President, Steve Long, receiving his first haircut. Dear friend, While parents are supposed to give young children choices as a way to help them gain a sense of control over their lives, child development experts caution us to limit the options so that the child doesn’t become overwhelmed. However, what happens after you give […]

March 2017 – Letter From The President

Dear friend, “Look at the foil!” My two-year-old son and I were sitting at our dining table several months ago when he directed my attention outside. I had no idea what foil he was talking about. Was there aluminum foil in the yard? “The foil,” he repeated. I was completely confused. “What’s the foil?” I […]

February 2017 – Letter From The President

Dear friend, Watching my two boys interact has given me new appreciation for the challenges of being a younger sibling. I didn’t believe it growing up as the eldest in my family even though my sister regularly pointed it out. I always felt like she got special treatment. For example, the very first time I […]

January 2017 – Letter From The President

Dear friends, Happy New Year! Have you made a New Year’s Resolution? We asked kids attending our New Year’s Eve Ball Drop to write down a resolution for 2017. You can see them displayed in the Museum’s lobby and posted on our Facebook page. Some of my favorites included “Eat more mac and cheese”,  “I […]

December 2016 – Letter From The President

Dear friend, 2016 has been one of the most rewarding and exhausting years of my life. In March, my wife and I welcomed our second son, Grant. I was worried initially that our two-year-old might have trouble with the adjustment, but he’s turned out to be a very caring big brother. While we have certainly […]

November 2016 – Letter From The President

Dear Friends, Now that we have a baby named Grant at home, my wife was trying to encourage Bennett, our two-year-old to treat his brother gently because he’s much smaller. “What are some of the things your little brother can’t do that you can do?” she asked. I think she imagined he would say something […]


Dear Friends, Parents may be their child’s first teacher, but I often find it challenging to model good behaviors for my children. This was made abundantly clear last week when my two-year-old son, Bennett, asked me, “Daddy, why you say f#%k?” It was right after I had accidentally knocked a new container of wipes into […]


Dear Friends, Recently, I have received a series of wonderful invitations from my two-year-old son, Bennett. “Come play with me, daddy,” he says each morning just after waking up. “What would you like to play,” I ask. While he frequently wants us to build trains together using his Duplo Lego bricks, he sometimes insists that we […]


A while back, an old friend referred to me as a “social media ghost.” He was playfully acknowledging the fact that I don’t have a Facebook, Twitter, or an Instagram account. The Museum has all three, but I’ve yet to make the leap. When I managed a fantasy football team using the Internet, I wasted […]

July 2016 – Letter From The President

Dear Friends, How do we encourage our young children to feel comfortable with life transitions? That’s a question I’ve been thinking about while my son, Bennett, attends Early Independence, a gentle separation program at the Museum. Like most parents, I was a little concerned he would get upset when left by himself. I also worried […]


Dear Friends, Sometimes I tiptoe into my two-year-old son’s bedroom at night when he’s asleep to make sure he’s breathing. Have you ever done the same thing with your children? I realize it’s completely irrational, but I have to make sure everyone in the house is safe and sound before I can go to sleep. […]


Dear Friends, This is one of those “I never thought it would happen to me” stories. I’m sure you have seen a news report with the headline, “Mom Saves Baby’s Life With CPR.” I never paid much attention to these stories, even after taking CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) training a few years ago along with my […]


Dear Friends, I was overjoyed when my wife gave birth to Grant, our second son, in early March. My only concern was how Bennett, our two-year-old would react. Would he get jealous like the son of a friend of mine who threw blocks at their baby or would he throw tantrums and shriek “I AM […]


Dear Friends, At CMEE’s annual dinner where we celebrate the Museum’s biggest champions and supporters – this year, Dana Golding, Pam Henes and Alexandra Lebenthal were among the honorees – I was especially thrilled to recognize a group of moms who epitomize our community engagement and who have given back to CMEE in a very […]


Dear Friends, Have you recently learned something at a children’s museum? While CMEE’s mission is focused primarily on sparking imagination and fostering learning for children, numerous studies show that museums have a greater educational impact if parents and caregivers are learning alongside them. As CMEE staff members develop new programs and exhibits, we are increasingly […]