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Questions Surrounding Summer @ CMEE and COVID-19

We look forward to another incredible summer at the Children’s Museum! In response the the feedback we’ve received about the upcoming season, Ms. Liz has begun answering parents’ most frequently asked questions.

[expand title=”Is there a refund policy?“]

Yes, if NY’s stay-at-home order continues into the summer, a full refund will be issued. Additionally, if a family feels uncomfortable about their child or children attending any of CMEE’s summer programming due to COVID-19 concerns, a refund request can be made prior to the start of camp.

In addition, if your child or someone in the household becomes ill during your enrollment, you will receive a credit to use at a later date. 


[expand title=”What are group sizes?“]

All group sizes are limited to 10 people.


[expand title=”What type of experience do staff members have?“]

All CMEE educators have abundant professional experience.  All programs are led by professional K12 teachers with assistance from college students pursuing education or arts degrees.  All CMEE educators possess a broad range of experience working with children and families.  

CMEE educators participate in ongoing professional development training at the Museum and their teaching practice is regularly observed and critiqued by CMEE’s Director of Education.  


[expand title=”How often are things cleaned?“]

Toys, surfaces, and rugs are cleaned multiple times throughout the day.  Floors and surfaces are deep cleaned each night.  Toys are rotated and soaked in a cleaning solution every day. 


[expand title=”How much time is spent outside?“]

It’s summer! Campers spend as much time as possible outside.  Specials including yoga, gardening, music, and ceramics are all offered outside.  CMEE campers will go outside each day, rain or shine.  In addition to playing in the rain, we have covered space for kids who prefer to stay dry. 


[expand title=”Will I be able to walk my child into the building?“]

Unfortunately, no.  In order to limit the amount of people in and out of the building we will be providing car door to door service.  A camp counselor will meet you at the car, and escort your child into the building.  At the end of the day, we will walk your child out to the car.


[expand title=”What if my child will not get out of the car?“]

We have created a “separation station.”  If your child has difficulty separating, you can pull into the designated area and take as long as you need with your child. A special separation specialist will be able to help you with your child.


[expand title=”Are there temperature checks?“]

Yes, staff will complete a health screening at the beginning of each day, including a temperature check.

We will also take the temperature and conduct a health screening of each camper as they arrive every day.  This will be done at the car in the drop off zone.


[expand title=”Will my child come into contact with anyone from outside camp?”]

We will limit exposure to the outside population as much as possible. 

Counselors will provide all of the enrichment activities and parents will not be permitted to visit.  Camp counselors will bring their lunches to work each day eliminating the need to leave during their lunch breaks.

In addition, we will limit exposure to campers in other groups as much as possible. Use of all shared spaces will be scheduled.  Plans for inclement weather are also in place.

Anyone who enters the building for a meeting, or other business will be subject to a temperature check.


[expand title=”Will there be masks?“]

All staff members are required to wear masks throughout the day.


[expand title=”What about food, water and sunscreen?“]

You are responsible for providing food for your child each day.  Please pack the appropriate amount of snacks.  Lunch and snack items should be able to remain in their cubby until lunchtime. Please review how to open snack, containers, and thermoses with your child beforehand.  We would like to refrain from touching children’s food as much as possible but of course, will assist with gloves when needed.

Please send in your child with a full water bottle. 

Please make sure your child is wearing sunscreen upon arrival.


[expand title=”Do I need to complete medical forms?“]

Yes.  All medical forms and waivers are available on our site. You can access them here. Please send completed forms to liz@cmee.org.


[expand title=”What if my child is sick?“]

This summer it is imperative that we take care of ourselves, and each other.  If your child is exhibiting any symptoms including: rash, fever, abdominal pain, excessive mucus, etc., we ask that you keep them home.

If these symptoms develop during the camp day, we will contact you to pick up your child. 

A child is considered healthy to return to camp if they have been fever and medicine free for 24 hours. A child is not considered fever free if they have taken a fever reducer.

If your child, or someone in your household tests positive for CoVid 19 please contact Liz at liz@cmee.org immediately.  In accordance with HIPPA laws, all calls and information will remain anonymous.


[expand title=”Will there be water play?“]

Yes! We look forward to having as much fun as possible this summer. We will be using sprinklers for water play in order to avoid having children get to close to each other.

Children should come in their bathing suits, and bring a change of clothes. Kids will be encouraged to dress themselves but, staff are available to assist.


[expand title=”How do I explain all of this to my child?“]

Our trained staff will spend time explaining precautions, cough etiquette, masks, the spread of germs, and general fears or concerns during the first week of camp. 

We will use child friendly language and puppets to talk about big issues.  Our staff are trained to use play as a way to help children understand.  Play is the way children process difficult topics or emotions.  We will pay close attention to things they say in order to address fears.


Have another question you didn’t see here? E-mail Liz and she’ll be sure to answer it!

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