Here are some helpful links from our DIY Rocket Day to try at home:

Soda Straw Rocket
Make a soda straw rocket out of regular office paper and tape. Launch with one breath.

Visit:  Kids Science Challenge – Soda Straw Rocket or Instructables – Straw Rockets

Stomp Rocket:
Take it to new heights! This rocket is made from paper, a manila folder and a plastic bag for a parachute. Launch by jumping on a two liter soda bottle.

Visit:  Science Toy Maker – Homemade Air Rockets or Instructables – Paper Stomp Rocket

Soda Bottle Rocket:
To the tops of trees and beyond, launch one and two liter soda bottles using a bicycle pump on homemade launching stations. Lots of variations to try!  (Please note:  There is a danger of getting wet!)

Visit:  Bottle Rockets – Water Power Bottle Rockets

How to make a simple launch pad!