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CMEE partners with Amber Waves Farm

This summer, the Children’s Museum will again work with educators from Amber Waves to present early childhood programming on the Farm. To help describe what will be happening at Amber Waves, we spoke with Ann Jones Levine, the Farm’s Education Director.

CMEE’s Farm Club at Amber Waves will now run five mornings each week. What are some of the fun things children will do during the program?

This year, we will focus on all the magical ingredients that make a vegetable. You know that moment when you pop that cherry tomato into your mouth and it’s still warm from the sun? How did that cherry tomato end up in your happy mouth? We will explore seed to plant, temperature and composition of the soil, the weather and how plants use it to do their bidding, the sun, and much much more. The children will prepare their own farm to table snack. Oh yes, and plenty of good old fashioned mud play. Lots of joy in that!

In addition to “Farm Club” this summer, we’re offering “Farm Play” at Amber Waves. What’s the difference between the two programs?

“Farm Club” is for the older set and those who are comfortable parting with caregivers. We chose to offer an alternative “Farm Play” class so parents and younger children can enjoy farm life together! There is so much joy and connection to be had in nature. When little kids eat from the field they often eat more willingly than when parents put food on their plate. Having the farm connection at meal time makes for a joyous interaction! We will enjoy circle time, a walk in the farm fields, simple snack preps, and of course chicken time!

What do you love most about the Farm?

Oh where to begin! I love how the farm brings people together in a way where every day stress falls away. There is something here that makes people slow down and connect to themselves, their curiosity and joy! It feels safe on the farm; like you can nourish yourself and your family with what fresh foods you eat but also you can soothe your harried mind in nature. 

In addition to being at Peconic Family Fun Day at CMEE, Amber Waves is going to host an activity at our Family Fair this year. What do you have planned?

We will be grinding organic wheat so kids can take a little fresh flour home to make something special with!

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