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DIY Coloring Blocks

Practicing shape and color recognition with your little one? Turn it into a game using blocks and markers. Shapes and colors are easily recognizable for children and help them begin to organize and categorize information. The same skills used to discern shape and color will develop into reading, writing, and math abilities.

Looking for a book? Anything Eric Carle goes great with this activity! Be sure to point out how he used shapes and colors to illustrate his books!  


  • 2 blocks
  • Assorted markers
  • Paper


  1. Draw a simple shape on each face of one of your block. You can repeat shapes.*
  2. Scribble a different color on each face of one block.  You can repeat colors if necessary.*
  3. Roll each block.
  4. Draw whatever shape you roll in the color you roll. Fill the page!

*If you do not want to draw on your blocks, simply tape squares of paper to each side and write on the paper instead.

Do you have a craft you think other members of the CMEE community would enjoy? Email the Museum’s Director of Education, Liz Bard!

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