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In The Kitchen – Homemade Butter

Corn is not ready yet this year but, you can typically find cornmeal made from last year’s crop at local farm stands right now. Lucky me, my co-worker Lara recently gifted me a bag of cornmeal from MariLee’s Farmstand in Sagaponack. I went right to my kitchen, and whipped up a skillet of fresh corn bread. Sadly, I ran out of butter before it was time to eat. Cornbread without butter is like a beach day without the sun….still good, but definitely missing something. 

Luckily I had heavy cream in the fridge and quickly whipped up some butter! Sounds crazy, but if you’ve attended our Farm Club at Amber Waves, than you know it’s super easy and totally worth it!

Here is a recipe for butter (with an added sweet or savory twist). We’ve also included a song to sing to pass the time while churning!


  • Heavy or whipping cream
  • Medium to large jar (pro tip: stick in in the freezer beforehand!)


  1. Add cream to the chilled jar. Fill it about half way.
  2. SHAKE! It is helpful to have more than one person…you may be shaking for some time.
  3. Listen for differences in the sound, once you stop hearing the swishing sound your butter is ready. Open the jar, and look inside. If it’s not ready, put the lid back on and keep shaking.
  4. For a savory twist, chop and add salt and basil to taste. For a sweet twist, add honey to taste.

Shake it, Shake it! Butter Making Song (sung to the tune of “I Have Something in my Pocket“)

We’re going to make some butter,
Rich and creamy too,
With milk from a cow’s udder
Before you can “moooo.”


So shake, shake, shake it,
Shake it if you can,
Shake it like a milkshake
And shake it once again.

Pour some cream into a jar,
Get a friend or two,
Make sure the lid is on tightly,
That’s all you have to do.


We’re learning while we’re churning,
Hey, this is lots of fun,
It’s easy to make butter,
Let’s eat it when it’s done.


Oh, listen very carefully,
It’s sounding different now,
Hooray, it’s finally butter!
Be sure to thank a cow

Have an easy-to-make and delicious recipe you’d like to share? E-mail Chef Liz!

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