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Indoor Camping

This Spring certainly feels more rainy than usual as we sit inside our homes anxiously awaiting the warm spring sunshine. “April showers bring May flowers”, as they say. This year our lives have slowed to a pace where we are actually watching the growth and change that this weather brings about. And it is beautiful! But…there’s a good chance that you’re sitting inside going a little stir-crazy as we all stay-at-home.

One of our favorite rainy day activities during Summer Kids Club is an indoor camp fire! First, we ask campers to collect art materials in shades of red, orange, and yellow. Then, we collage all of the materials together on pieces of card board. Finally, gather around the pretend glow of the fire to swap stories and “roast” marshmallows. I especially love when they comment on the “heat” coming from the flames, and begin to remove sweatshirts.

Create your own camp fire at home! Have even more time? Set up a tent and let the kids take their naps (ha!) in the living room. Or, collaborate on a couch cushion fort!


  • Cardboard circles, one large one for the whole family or small ones for each child
  • Tissue paper or contraction paper in shades of red, orange and yellow
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

Don’t have red, orange and yellow paper? Color computer paper or newspaper in fire-y shades!


  • Cut paper into small pieces, crinkle some into small balls.
  • Glue paper onto cardboard piece. Layer and overlap paper and talk about the colors and shades.
  • Gather around your finished campfire to read books or take turns telling stories.
  • Head outside, even in the rain, to find a big stick to “roast” marshmallows.

What else does your campsite need? Carry your camp theme into dinner time with camp foods like baked potatoes, or hot dogs! Imaginary play is essential for child development. Experiences like indoor camping allow kids to work out new situations in their heads, make decisions, and expand their vocabularies.

Have an idea for your own easy-to-create playspace at home? Share it with Ranger Liz!

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