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Ms. Liz’s Styrofoam Relief Prints

I have so enjoyed creating art activities each week and have tried each and every one myself at home! These projects are not specifically for children—art is adaptable (and therapeutic!). They’ve been a welcome addition to my daily schedule.

Art allows us to take a moment to be still and reflect. We sit or stand, and let our hands take the lead and often our art releases emotions or feelings that our mouths cannot express. Currently, we are experiencing so much. We worry about our health, income, the safety and sanity of us and our children…but, in the same breathe, may be feeling more thankful an in awe of the simple things like the changing of season, growth in the garden, laughter, or a shared meal.

If you’re like me, you’ve been riding this roller coaster of emotion for several weeks. It is likely that our kids are as well. Sit with your child and create. Like anything else, practice makes perfect. It may feel unnatural at first, but after a few creative sessions, you will know just what to do. In addition, it may be a bit easier to talk to your child about certain things while you are engaged in the creative process. For one, you are not making direct eye contact, making it easier to be vulnerable. Lastly, ask you child if she/he would like to explain what they created. They will most likely reveal things they are fearing or hopeful about. Share what your art is about as well!

Here is a simple, open ended activity to get you started

Styrofoam Relief Prints


  • Styrofoam square, like a butcher meat tray, veggie tray, or packing styrofoam
  • Pencil, a little dull is best
  • Paint brush
  • Paint
  • Construction paper


  1. Use your dull pencil to draw a picture on the styrofoam. You may need to press hard to see your work.
  2. Once your drawing is complete, use your paint brush to paint over the entire styrofoam piece.
  3. Press your paper face down over the paint, and press down rubbing it smooth.
  4. Carefully lift your paper, and reveal your work of art!

Have a craft or activity you think other members of the CMEE community might enjoy? Email the Museum’s Artist-In-Residence, Liz Bard!

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