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Science Fridays – Tomato Dissection

Tomato dissection an easy and fun project for you to work on together as a family…particularly during lunch! Here’s all you need for this simple at-home science experiment:


  • 1 tomato (any “seedy” fruit or vegetable will work, really)
  • Plate or cutting board
  • A knife


  1. Before you cut the tomato open, ask your child, “How many seeds do you think are in this tomato?” Write down your child’s guess.
  2. Cut your tomato in half and begin to count the seeds. Group them into groups on ten so you can easily keep count.

We’ve Got Questions!

  1. Did you guess the right number of seeds? Did you think there would be more or less?
  2. How many tomato plants could grow from the seed? Hint: It only takes one seed to grow one plant!
  3. What does a seed need to grow?
  4. What might stop a seed from growing?
  5. What should go in the salad/sandwich you plan to make using this tomato?

Thank you to our friends at Shelburne Farms for today’s inspiration. Tune in next week to plant seeds with Amber Waves!

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