20140615_124308_resizedDear Friends,

I’m obsessed with sleep. “How are you sleeping?” is the #1 question I have been asked since my wife and I welcomed our baby, Bennett. Initially, the sleep deprivation wasn’t so bad, but now after four months, I daydream constantly about sleeping uninterrupted through the night. I haven’t participated in a meeting at work without yawning. In the hospital just after Bennett was born, the nurses told us to “sleep when your baby sleeps,” but do you know anyone who actually follows that advice?

What’s great about CMEE is the community of other parents that you can rely upon for very practical recommendations and resources. The Museum serves as a wonderful safe space for asking about a whole range of topics – everything from sleep to eating habits to developmental milestones.

Not only do I obsess about my own sleep, I fixate on Bennett’s sleeping patterns, too. Have you ever gone into the room where your child was sleeping and put your hand next to her or his face to confirm that your baby was still breathing? Did you ever debate the pros and cons of crib bumpers? Did you ever ask your pediatrician why your child sleeps in a very odd looking position? I have.

Before becoming a parent, I had assumed babies could fall asleep without any trouble at all. Who knew it was such a provocative topic for parents? There are so many strategies for getting your children to sleep and even more code words! Should we practice attachment parenting, controlled crying or “CIO”? What are the long-term effects, if any, of co-sleeping or “Ferberizing” our baby?

To provide one perspective on how we can help our children sleep, CMEE has invited Kim West, the author of Good Night, Sleep Tight to speak at the Museum on August 6. She’ll be joining us to discuss the importance of good sleep habits, how they help form a strong parent-child bond, and strategies to help children “go to sleep, stay asleep and wake up happy.” My wife and I will definitely be there! To join us, please click here for registration information.

If you have suggestions for how CMEE can provide additional educational resources for parents, please let us know on our Facebook page or tweet us at CMEETweet!

Stephen Long
Executive Director

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