Dear Friend,

bdogMy favorite part of the day is first thing in the morning when I go into the room of my son, Bennett. He pokes his head up above the crib and flashes me a smile that just takes over his whole face! I also love when I pick him up; he drapes his arms around my shoulders and taps his fingers on my neck. What a gift it is to hold your child. My wife and I have so much to be grateful for since he came into our lives this year.

I also appreciate how welcome Bennett is at CMEE when I bring him to the Museum. You may have seen on Instagram how the staff likes to take time for a “Baby Break.”

Looking back at 2014, I’m really proud of what CMEE has been able to accomplish the last 12 months. In addition to welcoming over 60,000 visitors, we:

  • Serve as a Head Start center, a distinction held by only one other children’s museum in the country.
  • Teach literacy to the one in seven residents of Eastern Long Island who is functionally illiterate.
  • Offer bilingual afterschool programs for Latino families who comprise 40% of the East End’s public school population.
  • Help families affected by domestic violence, in partnership with the Retreat, by offering play therapy programs for children while their parents learn job skills in CMEE’s classroom.
  • Provide over 300 East End families with scholarships to visit CMEE and participate in classes and workshops free of charge.

To learn more about the work we’re doing, please check out our annual “CMEE Update.”

Your support makes this work possible! While admissions, memberships, and special events account for a major portion of CMEE’s income, as a nonprofit organization, we rely on contributions to our annual appeal for the rest of our operating budget. Your continued investment in CMEE ensures that the Museum is fully accessible to all families on the East End.

Please make a donation to CMEE’s Annual Appeal! Just like our children, we are grateful for them at every size and shape!

Finally, if you know of a family who would benefit from our scholarship program, please call or email me at


Steve Long
Executive Director

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