Dear Friends,

What is centripetal force? This is one of many physics-related questions that players are asked on the exhibit panels that dot CMEE’s newly-opened miniature golf course. Rather than instantly providing the explanation, CMEE encourages children to deduce the answer by playing the hole. On the “Loop de Jour” hole, they discover that centripetal force is what keeps the ball traveling the loop and not fall to the ground. While playing the course, children will observe an array of physics and mathematical concepts in action, including potential energy, friction, angles, gravity, and inertia.

Using inquiry-based exhibit panels isn’t the only thing that’s unique to the new miniature golf course at CMEE. All of the text – including signage, label copy, and scorecards – is bilingual so children whose first language is Spanish can play the course and find out the answer to ¿Cuál es la fuerza centrípeta? In addition, the golf course – like CMEE’s interior – is fully wheelchair accessible. To learn more about the course and how it will serve the community, please read this terrific piece from The Sag Harbor Express.

The Mini Golf Course is the first objective of CMEE’s $2 million Capital Campaign. Right now, we’re more than two-thirds of the way to our goal and we are counting on the entire community to help us reach it by the end of this summer. In addition to creating wonderful new exhibits like Mini Golf, a fully realized Campaign will enable the Museum to expand its programming, partner with even more local agencies to provide social services, and ensure the Museum’s sustainability for generations to come.

Looking ahead, there is a ton of activity at the Museum this month in addition to miniature golf. Tomorrow night is a special “Pizza & Pajama Night” at the Madoo Conservancy and Saturday, artist Roisin Batemen is leading a “CMEE in the Studio” class. On June 12, we’re hosting our 2nd Annual Music Fair and on June 21, we have our new Makers Shop program at CMEE.

We’d love your input on how the Museum can be accessible for everyone. More culturally-focused community events? Additional programs for children with special needs? Workshops designed specifically for children who have “aged out” of CMEE?  Please let us know what you think by sharing your thoughts on our Facebook page or tweeting us at @CMEETweet!


Steve Long
Executive Director