Letter from the Director – September 2012

Dear Friends,

CMEE has had a tremendous summer! Many thanks to the thousands of you who visited CMEE, participated in our classes, watched a musical performance in our amphitheater, or enjoyed lunch at the Museum! A special thank you to supporters who purchased a Name Plate for CMEE’s boardwalk, now known as “Lucy’s Way”! The first batch of 4×5” bronze plaques are now on display. You can purchase your own personalized name plate by going to CMEE’s website or calling 631.537.8250 for details.

I’m also grateful to the authors who participated in this summer’s CMEE’s Book Club and made it such as a success:  Nell Freudenberger, Jennifer Gilbert, Jill Kargman, Ali Wentworth, and Amy Wilson Flannery. It was wonderful to talk about the books with the authors!

In her book, When did I get like this?,  Amy Wilson Flannery points out something that CMEE educators will work on in their classes – remembering the names of parents! In every “Mommy and Me” class Amy’s attended, she says “everyone learns all of the children’s names by week three, and the grown-ups names, never.” She then explains how the instructors address parents, which I’m sure you’ve experienced yourself –

“Instructor: ‘Preston’s mommy, would you mind opening that window a tiny bit?’ 
Preston’s Mommy: ‘Um, sure.’
Instructor: ‘Thanks, Preston’s mommy!’”

With 15 or 20 children in a class, it’s hard to remember upwards of 40 names, but since CMEE is committed to enriching the lives of families as well as children, we need to make sure parents are perceived as more than mere satellites revolving around their kids. That’s one of the reasons CMEE hosts books clubs and parents forums where moms, dads, and care givers have the opportunity to discuss issues that are important to them, not just their children.

CMEE will be closed from Labor Day through Wednesday, September 12 for our annual “Fall Clean Up,” but we have plenty of great programs scheduled in September for after we reopen, including Pizza and Pajama Night on September 14 and two “Get Creative” workshops.

This fall, CMEE is heading to Broadway for a matinee performance of Annie benefiting the Museum on November 17. Purchase your tickets now at the Museum and on our website!

Thank you again for your ongoing support for CMEE! If you have any suggestions for how CMEE can improve its effort “to enrich the lives of children and families and strengthen the East End community by promoting learning through play,” please email me at steve@cmee.org or write a post on our Facebook page. I hope to see again at CMEE soon! Have a great Labor Day Weekend!


Steve Long
Executive Director