August 2017 – Letter From The President

Dear Friend,

Next month, the Children’s Museum is hosting a “Baby Gear Swap” where new and expectant parents can stock up on items they’ll need for their new baby. If you’re like me, you have boxes of baby stuff in your basement, attic or closet that you would love to get out of the house and into the hands of someone who can use them. In addition to donating your lightly used baby gear, we’re eager for your help in creating a baby registry checklist that will be distributed to new parents at the Swap on September 29.

If I were creating the checklist by myself, I would register for at least 6 wearable blankets, which are called “sleepy sacks” in my house. You potentially need three in just one day because of the number of times your child leaks or spits up. Then, you need a heavier weight version in the winter and a lighter weight for summer. I also recommend registering for an extra large play yard. Especially when the kid starts rolling around, you need something to contain her or him and stop the child from rolling over to the wall and chewing on an electrical cord. The only kind of bib I would get is one with a food catcher pocket. I imagine it’s helped us save almost 100 lbs. of food in the last year.

You know what you don’t need? A wipes warmer. We used one for Bennett, our older son and all it really did was waste electricity. Grant, our younger son has endured wipes at room temperature quite easily. Another useless baby item? The burp cloth. Grant literally spit up every time he ate and it was rarely onto the burp cloth. Perhaps he didn’t want to get the bunnies or baby bears on the burp cloth dirty. So, he’d spit up on my pants or my other shoulder instead.

As you can see, I need your help with this baby registry checklist. Please share your suggestions with us on the Facebook. You can also email them to me at Please encourage friends and family to attend the Baby Gear Swap at the Children’s Museum on September 29.