June 2017 – Letter From The President

Dear Friend,

What do you think about bringing babies to work? A few years ago, just after his 2 month checkup, my eldest son, Bennett accompanied me to the Children’s Museum at least two or three days per week until he was nine months old. I was reminded of the experience reading Sarita James’ recent article, “Take Your Baby to Work” in the New York Times.

Unlike James who chose to bring her third child to work, I brought Bennett to the Museum out of necessity. My wife and I needed to go back to work and didn’t have any childcare lined up at the time. We decided my office at the Museum was an easier place for a baby to nap than her retail shops.

Looking back, I realize how lucky I was. My co-workers were very encouraging and considerate, and as the Museum President, I didn’t need to seek approval from a supervisor. I also worked in an environment that was beneficial for children. When my son was awake, I could take him into the Museum’s exhibitions and interact with other visitors. That opportunity would have been impossible if I were employed in a restaurant, a hospital or practically any other workplace.

I also treasure the amount of time I was able to spend with my son. I really believe it helped us forge a unique bond.  Even at just three years old, he sees the Children’s Museum as his second home, but I’m not sure he understands my role at the Museum. When others have asked him what I do, he tells them “daddy plays and talks on the phone.” If he notices something is awry at the Museum, he tells me we need to find Doug (the Museum’s Visitor Services Coordinator) or Liz (the Museum’s Education Coordinator) to fix the situation.

I miss not having had the same experience with my younger son, Grant. When he came along, we had an amazing care giver who could look after both boys. I try to make it up when they come to the Museum now by spending a little more time with Grant. You’ll likely find us at either the pixel pegs or at the sand table (where I’m trying to prevent Grant from shoveling all the sand onto the floor).

If you have a story about bringing your child to work, I’d love to hear it! Please post your experience on our Facebook feed or e-mail me.