October 2017 – Letter from the President

Dear Friend,

It’s Membership Month at the Children’s Museum and I’m enormously grateful to all our members who have invested in the Museum’s mission to spark imagination and foster learning for children of all backgrounds and abilities and to build strong connections within the East End community by providing playful experiences. In honor of our members, we’re hosting a special Member Appreciation Day and we’ve partnered with the South Fork Natural History Museum & Nature Center(SoFo) to help our members enjoy their wonderful exhibits and programs, right across the street!

If you haven’t joined SoFo, now is the time to become a member. At SoFo, you develop a much deeper understanding about and appreciation for the East End environment during your visit. Before going to SoFo, I thought seahorses were a tropical fish, but I learned that they are also native to the waters off Long Island. My boys especially love their live touch tank, which I think is the best exhibit in all of Eastern Long Island. It gives kids the opportunity to touch starfish, whelks, and crabs. Also, every time my oldest son, Bennett, goes to SoFo, he has to smell the fox…which he says smells like “privacy.” Definitely ask the Nature Educators at SoFo to show you the fox and let me know if you agree with Bennett’s assessment!

Cultural institutions like the Children’s Museum and SoFo thrive when their members are both active and engaged. That means: We want to hear from you! If you have any ideas regarding programs or events you like to see offered, suggestions for how we can better serve the community, or an experience that demonstrates how your family has benefited from being a Museum member, we’d love to hear it. Please reach out to me at Steve@CMEE.org or share a post on our Facebook wall.

I look forward to seeing you at the Museum!