Meet CMEE’s Summer Staff Members

CMEE is incredibly lucky to have such a great staff and we’re profiling a couple of them in this month’s Newsletter before they head off to school in the fall! 

You may have seen Gwen Clarke when you checked in at the front desk or as she’s worked the exhibition floor. She’s heading to the University of Delaware to study international relations. “I’ve always wanted to travel, she says” and I hope that with a career in international relations, I’ll be able to see every corner of the world while still making a living!” Graduation is still a few years away, but Gwen would love to work for the United Nations after school. When she’s not at CMEE or getting ready for school, Gwen loves to sing, perform, play badminton and volleyball, and run. She’s doing her first 5K run this month! 

Her favorite part about working at CMEE is interacting with visitors and the self-confidence she’s developed from the experience. “There’s also something very fulfilling about answering people’s questions and hearing the gratitude in their voice when they leave a conversation happy having heard everything they needed to hear. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Museum and what it stands for, as well as informing others” about the important work the Museum does. 

Julia LathamJulia Latham has worked as an Education Assistant this summer, preparing the materials for all of the classes and helping the instructors teach everything from art and gardening to language arts and science. In addition to work at the Museum, Julia grew up with CMEE. Her mother, Jorie, was one of the Museum’s founders and brought Julia to all of the planning meetings. When CMEE debuted as a pilot project at Guild Hall in 1997, Julia played there as a preschooler. After the Museum opened its permanent home in Bridgehampton, she worked as a volunteer. 

This fall, Julia will be a sophomore at Skidmore College where she is designing a self-determined major for communications and education in science. “My dream is to dissolve the barrier that some families feel keeps them from exploring science with their children,” she says. “I hope that my passion for biology encourages kids and grown-ups alike to feel confident in exploring the endlessly fascinating field of science. The delightedly astonished face of a child who has just discovered something new and exciting in the natural world brings me insurmountable happiness.” 

We’re enormously grateful for the help of Gwen, Julia, and the other seasonal staff members this summer. They have brought delight and happiness to CMEE!