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Q&A With Tenet’s Kristine Argiro

While collaborating with Tenet on our Mother’s Day Collection*, we’ve had the pleasure of working with the fashionable boutique’s multi-store manager, Kristine Argiro. After learning she was a first-time mom, we jumped at the chance to chat with her about being a new parent, working from home while raising her daughter, and how she plans to spend her first Mother’s Day.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your role at Tenet?

My name is Kristine Argiro. I have a 10 month old daughter named Jorgi, a husband and two dogs. My husband Jason, is a physician at Stony Brook Southampton Hospital (Health Care Hero – yay!) I am so proud of him. I grew up on the East End and my favorite thing to do is to go to the beach or hang out on our boat. I love living by the water! I manage three stores for TENET, and am currently involved in our e-commerce. I love what I do because I love fashion and I enjoy working with so many talented people! I love my team!

What have you found most surprising about being a new mom and first-time parent?

I am constantly surprised as to how much more connected I am to my community and other moms!  There is an unspoken language between us. We understand each other and support each other. To be a mom is an extraordinary experience. The love you carry, the feelings you have are inexplicable. 

What’s been the biggest challenge when it comes to working from home and raising a newborn? 

Hm, Where do I begin? For many of us our careers become part of our identity, and for me, I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself in my work life. If I could, I would work 24/7. Having a crying baby in your ear and trying to meet a deadline is very difficult. At first it was really hard navigating a shift not only in my roles at work as we began working from home but also a shift in motherhood. I do not have child care, I can’t drop her off to grandma’s house. It’s been Jorgi and I alone, and my computer screen, and phone calls etc. We have gotten into a better rhythm and I am grateful that she and I are “in this together.” She now enjoys listening to my phone calls and being involved in work life. Right now the biggest challenge is typing with a baby on my lap. 

We heard that you joined us for and loved Baby & Me @ Home with Ms. Leah. What was the class like? Is there anything in particular that you enjoyed? 

Baby & Me @ Home gave me a much needed change in our routine. Sometimes, being home alone with a baby can be isolating. Not everyone knows what that is like. It is so hard! This class reminded me that I need to do more activities with Jorgi and to take time for just Jorgi. I have to constantly balance so many things and Baby & Me reminded me how important that time is for “us.” I look forward to class next Tuesday. Thank you so much, Ms. Leah.

Since brunch isn’t an option this year, how do you hope to spend your first Mother’s Day? 

I haven’t really thought about it. My husband is working… I will take what I learned from Baby & Me. I think I would like to have a screen free day, hang out in our yard with our two dogs and truly enjoy the day with my Jorgi girl. 

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*From now until Sunday, May 10th, Tenet will donate 20% of all online sales to the Children’s Museum of the East End’s COVID-19 response efforts.

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