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Super Soccer Stars’ Robert Moe

We’ve been thrilled to host Super Soccer Stars at CMEE for years. Now, this best-in-class camp has teamed up with Amazing Athletes to offer a multi-sport curriculum that offers a wide array of gross motor development opportunities. Super Soccer Stars’ Robert Moe was kind enough to share how this partnership got started, his thoughts on the value of sports, and what kids can expect from the program this August.

This summer, you’ve decided to offer multi-sport camps. How did this come about?

We are very excited about our partnership with Amazing Athletes and what it means for our camp programs. The Amazing Athletes curriculum introduces kids to the fundamentals of 10 different sports along with educational components focused on muscle identification and nutrition. This holistic design helps to provide the framework for kids to live a healthy and active lifestyle, and promotes future participation in sport. By combining the Amazing Athletes and Super Soccer Stars curricula, we can offer a more diverse and engaging camp day that will keep kids learning and having fun all summer long.

Why are sports so important for kids?

One of the most important things about starting in sports at a young age is developing a love for being physically active. In a time where many kids spend their free time in front of screens, it is essential that kids are exposed to the joy of sports and fitness early so their chances of continuing to be physically active later in life are higher. Participation in sports is also about more than just physical development. Children that participate in sports also develop social skills, cognitive skills, and language skills at a faster rate, and learn valuable life skills such as teamwork, dedication, and sportsmanship.

What’s your favorite part about coaching kids?

My favorite part about coaching kids is watching how quickly they learn, grow, and develop throughout each season. In the early years of development, kids absorb information quickly and love to be challenged to learn new things. There is nothing better than watching a child practice and perfect a new technique or move that you have shown them, and knowing that you have made an impact.

Do you have a favorite memory of playing sports when you were younger?

Some of my fondest memories of playing sports when I was a child are of my coaches. I was fortunate to have caring and supportive coaches that were invested in making me both a better player and a better person. As an adult, I often find myself thinking back to the values those coaches instilled in me, ensuring that I am passionate and dedicated in every aspect of my life.

What can kids and families expect from Super Soccer Stars and Amazing Athletes at CMEE this year?

Our mission is to positively impact each child through sport, and we aim to deliver on that each and every day at CMEE this summer. Through guided play, we want to ensure every child is having endless fun while also learning about their bodies, proper nutrition, and of course the various sports we will introduce. Parents can expect best-in-class instruction from our professional team of coaches, who are not just experts in sport, but also experts in childhood education.

What are some of your favorite nonsport activities here in the East End?

The East End has so many amazing things to offer, especially in the summer months. My favorite activity by far is going to the beach, as it can be both relaxing and filled with fun at the same time. Whether you like to play in the sand, read a book, swim in the ocean, or just listen to the waves, the beach is sure to have something for everyone.

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