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Wash and Play’s Esperanza Rojas and Monica Landi

Greetings from Esperanza and Monica! We teach CMEE’s “Wash and Play” (Jugar y Lavar) family literacy program at the Snow White Laundry in Southampton. It’s the latest of many community programs that the Children’s Museum of the East End offers to families. CMEE’s President, Steve Long, asked us to describe our experience and share what it means to us.

We are helping CMEE expand its reach to the local community. While families are washing their clothes, we are leading classes. Instead of looking at the TV or their cellphones, families are singing, learning and playing together.

CMEE is building a real sense of “communidad. Just like the laundromat, we are attracting families from all different backgrounds. Since we are bilingual, we make sure everyone is welcome. It’s a great opportunity for Spanish-speaking children to learn English and share their Spanish.

CMEE helps parents realize new dreams for themselves. When we arrived from Ecuador and Mexico we never envisioned we would be teaching for a museum in America. Now our husbands and children are so proud of us. Our sons and daughters love coming with us to the laundromat, helping with the program and being known as the “teachers’ kids.”

We really love that we can “give back” to the Museum, too. Our families have benefited from so many programs at CMEE and we are honored that we can teach one ourselves. It’s wonderful to share the parenting knowledge we’ve learned at the Museum. We did not know before how much talking and reading with your kids changes everything. Everyday things build big dreams!

All children deserve the chance to play. Without your support, none of this is possible. Please make a gift today so that families can continue to participate in “Wash and Play,” as well as CMEE’s other vital community programs.

Thank you for helping CMEE build a bright future for all of our families!


Esperanza and Monica


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