Addressing The Loss Of A Pet

The death of a pet can present families with unique challenges that are difficult to address. To help speak with your children about this type of loss, we’ve provided this collection of resources that we’ve found insightful and hope will offer parents insight and strategies to aid in what we know is a challenging conversation.

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Helping children cope with traumatic events

Like you, we at CMEE were horrified and saddened by what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Our staff have been discussing if and how the Museum can serve as a resource for families and children who have been especially traumatized by the shootings. Since play can be powerfully therapeutic, we hope you’ll have the opportunity to

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DIY Rockets

Here are some helpful links from our DIY Rocket Day to try at home:

Soda Straw Rocket
Make a soda straw rocket out of regular office paper and tape. Launch with one breath.

Visit: Kids Science Challenge – Soda Straw Rocket or Instructables – Straw Rockets

Stomp Rocket:
Take it to new heights! This rocket is made from paper, a

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