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Bird Watching With Ms. Liz

My new work-at-home morning routine begins each day with coffee outside on the back deck listening to nature’s chorus: the birds! 

There are tens of different sounds and birds darting from tree to tree.  I put out a few bird feeders in hopes of getting a better look at my feathered friends, and it worked! 

I took to google and my Sibley’s Guide to Birds to research my new bird friends. I illustrated images of the birds and hung them in my window so I could easily identify the birds as I looked out the window. 

Drawing, or engaging in creative arts around a specific topic allows kids (and adults!) to understand things more deeply. For example, I did not notice that a Northern Cardinal had an orange beak until I drew it but now, it is a telltale sign I look for when identifying the bright red bird.  

Learn about the birds in your yard with this fun, hands \-on activity! 


  • Paper
  • Colored pencils or watercolors 
  • Binoculars, if you have them! 
  • Scotch tape 


  1. Go for a walk outside in the morning and look for birds. You may want to walk outside everyday for a week and notice the different birds you see. 
  2. Take notes of the birds colors, size, and sounds. 
  3. Using a bird guide, or Google, try to determine who your bird may be! Merlin Bird ID is an informative app that even has the sounds of each bird available. 
  4. Draw and color your birds and hang them in the window for easy bird watching! 

Repeat this activity at night and see who you hear! 

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