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Science Fridays: Primary Sources

We are living in unprecedented times!  One day, our grandchildren and great children will read about The 2020 Pandemic in textbooks. Scientists and Historians often refer to PRIMARY SOURCES when they are gathering information on whatever they are studying.  A primary source is a first hand account of an event.  

Right now, we have an opportunity to create a primary source about our current experience.  Start a journal with your family to record your daily activities during social isolation.  Depending on your child’s age it can include news headlines from the day, statistics, and other facts.  More importantly, it should include your families’ feelings, reactions, maybe new recipes you’ve tried, books you’ve read, and things that scare you or make you happy.  Write letters to friends and family and attach their responses in the journal. 

We are living during the greatest human experiment.  How will we emerge?  I hypothesize, we will come out on the other side a little bit stronger, more resilient, and full of love for our family and friends. 

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