Making a difference in the community

Kids playing at a farm stand during a community service project at the Children's Museum of the East EndSince opening in October of 2005 with over 7,000 square feet of interactive, hands-on exhibits, program & performance space, the Children’s Museum of the East End (CMEE) has become the most visited museum in Eastern Long Island.

Described by Museum patrons as  “a community gathering place” and “a hub for children,” CMEE is committed to helping meet the challenges our community faces and working with East End organizations to solve these problems.

Here are 5 ways CMEE is making a difference…

Teaching Family Literacy
One out of seven Eastern Long Island residents is functionally illiterate according to Literacy Suffolk, and the children of illiterate parents are twice as likely to be illiterate themselves. To help resolve this crisis, CMEE partnered with Sandpiper Music Together on a unique Family Literacy Program that uses music and the Museum’s exhibits to promote literacy, language acquisition, and parenting skills.

Children playing while attending to a music family literacy program

Giving Kids a Head Start
CMEE is committed to increasing access to early childhood education so after discovering there was an enormous list of low-income families in the East End waiting for accessible pre-schooling, CMEE resolved to help. Because the Museum is a perfect environment for promoting the cognitive and emotional development for 3 and 4-year-olds, CMEE is delighted to partner with Long Island Head Start on a pre-school this year.


Promoting Physical Fitness
In the last thirty years, childhood obesity among toddlers has doubled, and the rate has tripled among children age six to eleven. While older children have many opportunities for exercise, parents acknowledge that options for younger children are few. As schools are forced to limit time devoted to recess, CMEE’s exhibits promote children’s physical activity and healthy habits that can ensure long-term wellness and potentially reduce America’s health care costs.


Helping Families Cope
As a safe and familiar environment for children and with its many opportunities for role-playing, storytelling, movement, and art making, CMEE provides the ideal environment for family therapy. For example, to help families affected by domestic violence deal with their trauma, CMEE is partnering with the Retreat to provide job training for parents and art and play therapy for children.

Katy’s Kids @ CMEE is another great support program we have for children and adolescents grieving the death of a loved one. The group utilizes modalities such as art, music, poetry, dance/movement, and drama to offer peer support within a safe environment.

Welcoming Children with Special Needs
The original design of CMEE incorporated universal design principles so that children at different developmental levels could access each area. Since then, CMEE has been collaborating with the Southampton Disabilities Committee and the Special Needs PTA of the East End so that children with physical and developmental disabilities can obtain the same educational and social benefits as other children receive.