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Q&A With June Fete Honoree Barrie Glabaman

Photo: Adam Schwartz, Tucker and Barrie


On Saturday, June 2, the Children’s Museum will transform into a playground for grown-ups during our first ever June Fete fundraiser! This summertime celebration of “heroes among us” is certain to be a memorable evening in support of families on the East End!

Along with her husband, Adam Schwartz, the Museum is thrilled to be honoring Board Member, Barrie Glabman. If she were a superhero, she would be “Wonder Woman.” As a CMEE Trustee for over seven years and a former Co-Chair of the Board, Barrie has led the Museum through incredible growth. During her tenure, CMEE’s attendance has almost doubled and its educational outreach programming has increased exponentially. Barrie recently took time out from her busy schedule to tell us about a bit more about herself.

While we describe you as “Wonder Woman,” how would you describe yourself?
A creative, a mother, a wife. Someone that is really concerned about the planet and the kind of kids we’re putting out there in the world today.

You have been with the Children’s Museum from the very beginning, what does CMEE mean to you and your family?
We moved to the East End in April 2005, 10 days after my son, Tucker was born. The Museum opened that October. I gave up a career, friends, our whole life… and moved here not knowing anyone or anything. Plus, I had my child later on in life so that was interesting as well.  I always say the Museum saved my sanity. Some of the relationships I made here during that first baby class I ever took with Tucker as an infant at the Museum gave me lifelong relationships that I have to this day. When I was asked to get involved on the Board, I happily wanted to because the Museum had done so much for me personally that I wanted to give back. The more I got involved, the more I started seeing the bigger picture of how important CMEE is to the entire community. By that I mean, not moms like me who just need a place for their kids to play but mothers and fathers who are really underserved in the community and need so much more.

Why is CMEE vital for the East End community?
More than just another children’s museum, CMEE is a community hub. It’s a sanctuary for families from all over our community.


Barrie and her son, Tucker


You’ve done such a great job of inspiring Tucker to be community-minded, how do you inspire him?
I believe what you model for your children is really important. He’s seen me give so much of myself to the Children’s Museum and as a trustee at the Ross School. My husband and I always talk about being a part of a larger community and how fulfilling it is to give of yourself especially when you have the ability to help others. I also have to say that because he’s in a school that shares the same values we have at home, it’s a big impact.

What advice would you give other parents looking to do the same with their children?
To this day, I remember standing in the elevator leaving the hospital with Tucker and me and my husband were like “what do we do now?” We had no idea what we were doing. For almost every other milestone in life, you have to take a test or be trained. Yet for the most important thing you’re ever going to do – be a parent – there’s no training for that. Nothing! You have this kid and they let you bring it home. It’s crazy! I don’t believe that you can ever “over love” your child. You can’t give them enough of a foundation to support them and everything they do. My advice would be to get involved in your community and talk to other parents to find out what they’re doing and figure out what suits you and your family.


If possible to put into words, what is the legacy you hope to leave behind for the future?
My life is very much about my husband and my child. If the three of us are healthy and my son can go on to have a fulfilling happy life that can affect other people in a positive way, I’ve done a great job. Being good people and doing good things; that’s what it’s really about for me.


What’s your life motto?
A big one of mine is you’ll never regret the things you do.

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