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Visiting CMEE – FAQs

Safety & Cleaning

How do you maintain social distancing with kids?

To promote social distancing, CMEE will reopen at significantly reduced capacity. Each day, the Museum will limit attendance to less than 20% of the capacity allowed by the Southampton Town Fire Marshall.

To manage visitor capacity, admission is by advanced registration and ticketing only. We ask that families respect the space of other families while being understanding that social distancing is hard for children. Museum staff will have an increased presence to assist with social distancing concerns or questions. There will be extensive signage throughout the Museum to inform visitors of ways to travel through the exhibits, guide their trips to restrooms and other Museum services and encourage social distancing everywhere.

There will be over a dozen additional hand sanitizers throughout the Museum. We also recommend families bring their own to supplement and we strongly encourage visitors to clean hands often.

Will everyone including children have to wear masks?

Museum staff and any visitors age 2 and over will be required to wear masks that cover their mouths and noses.

What if visitors cannot wear masks?

Guests who have disabilities or medical issues which may prohibit them from wearing a mask should call the Museum prior to purchasing tickets. The Museum will make every effort to provide reasonable accommodation. To alleviate concern for all visitors, we will provide stickers to those with medical/accessibility issues who cannot wear a mask.

Are you handing out masks?

If you forget to bring a mask, they are available for purchase for $1 at the Front Desk.

Since masks are required, will there be posted guidelines?

Posters regarding mask wearing will be hung in the lobby, exhibit galleries and throughout the Museum. In addition, visitors will need to review the Code of Conduct, which includes the face mask requirement, prior to registering to attend the Museum.

Are you taking temperatures?

We are no longer taking temperatures.

Is your staff having temperatures taken?

We no longer require the staff have their temperature taken.

Are you improving the air quality in the building?

To add as much fresh air as possible, the Museum is keeping exterior doors open. Please monitor your children in the Museum to ensure they do not leave the building on their own.

What physical changes are you making to the building to enhance safety, such as reorienting the entrances and exits, putting up glass barriers, etc.?

The admissions and entry process has been streamlined to reduce contact and time entering the building. Floor graphics will promote physical distancing while visitors wait to check in at the front desk. We have also installed “plexiglass” barriers at the reception desk to protect staff and visitors.

How are things cleaned and how often?

The Museum’s cleaning procedures go above and beyond what is mandated by the CDC and New York State Department of Health. We have dramatically increased cleaning frequencies throughout the Museum and we added sanitation wipes and hand sanitizer stations throughout the Museum and exhibits. Museum staff are cleaning before, during and after visitors enjoy the exhibits. High traffic areas are wiped down almost immediately after visitors touch them.

After visitors are finished with any props or exhibit items, Museum staff will collect them in bins prior to disinfecting them for the next session. With their primary directive being the cleanliness of the Museum, staff will circulate throughout the Museum, continuously monitoring and disinfecting high touch areas and encouraging visitors to place used exhibit parts into the bins. Finally, the Museum will conduct a deep cleaning before and after each afternoon session.

To clean the Museum, staff will continue to sourcing and using cleaning and disinfecting products that are recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and are EPA-approved.

Are the bathrooms open and how often are they cleaned?

Bathrooms are open but limited to two individuals or one visitor group (no more than four people in a group) at once to respect social distancing requirements. Bathrooms are cleaned multiple times throughout the day.

Ticketing & Admissions

What days and times will the Museum be open?

The Museum is open Monday – Wednesday and Friday – Sunday for three sessions (9:30am – 11:30am, 12pm – 2pm, and 2:30pm – 4:30pm). We will remain closed on Thursdays during our Weekly Food Pantry.

Are reservations required?

Yes. In order to ensure that we are able to accurately limit the number of guests visiting the Museum, all members of your party must be registered in advance. This includes any children under 12 months, caregivers, other family members, and friends. In the event that the Museum is at capacity, additional, unregistered guests will not be permitted per NY State guidelines.

Can I purchase tickets onsite?

No. Advance online tickets or phone reservations are required.

Will you accept cash?

For the time being, the Museum will not accept cash.

Will you have timed ticketing? How does it work?

In order to limit capacity and ensure proper social distancing, we now require visitors to register in advance. Tickets are valid for the duration of the session—9:30am – 11:30am, 12pm – 2pm, or 2:30pm – 4pm—for which you register.

Is proof of my timed ticket required?

Yes. If you registered for tickets online, please bring your ticket PDFs. The PDF does not need to be printed, showing it on your smartphone or tablet is sufficient.

What if I arrive late for my timed ticket?

Your ticket is valid for the entire slot. You may arrive at any point during it, but your entire visit must take place during the scheduled time slot. Tickets are only valid for the date and time selected at time of purchase.

What if I buy timed tickets and can’t come on that day/time?

If you are unable to make your visit, please contact the Museum before your scheduled time that so we may make those tickets available to other guests. You must speak to a Visitor Services staff member to cancel prior to 24 hours to receive a refund.

What if I feel unsafe after entering the Museum?

If you feel unsafe after entering, please ask to speak with a manager or contact us after your visit at Info@CMEE.org. We value your feedback and will work with you to find a solution.

Are you accepting guest passes at this time?

Yes, visitors can use guest passes for the timed admission. There is a $5/person COVID cleaning fee.

Are you still participating in Museums for All and offering free admission for families with an EBT card?

Yes! If you have an EBT card and would like to visit the Museum, please call us at 631.537.8250 to make a reservation.

Are strollers allowed?

Visitors are asked to keep their stroller with them at all times. Please do not leave it unattended other than outside specific exhibits where strollers are not allowed.

Can I bring in my own food?

Yes, you can bring in your own food, which we encourage you to eat outslide. Food may not be eaten in the exhibition galleries.

Will there be water available from the fountain?

No, the water fountains have been shut off during the pandemic.

Will I have access to vending machines?

Yes, the vending machines will be available.

Are there any special times dedicated to those with sensory issues?

Museum capacity is limited. If you need a quiet space, please ask a staff member for assistance. Our Sensory Mornings schedule will be announced this fall.

Exhibits & Programs

What exhibits are open/closed?

All exhibits will be open except for the Legacy Tree Gallery (“Active Play Space”). Families with children under 2 years old who wish to use the Crawler Garden may request a special set of baby toys.

How will interactive exhibits work?

Only one family should be in an exhibit area at one time. For example, if a family is already in the Fire Truck, please visit another area until they are gone.

The Museum has dramatically increased the number of activities. We encourage visitors to spend as much time as possible outdoors.

Additional staff will be present throughout the whole Museum as a safety reminder for visitors to keep their mask on, to stay physically distant, to wash/sanitize hands regularly, and to do their part in providing regular wipe-downs in high-traffic areas.

What happens if it rains on the day I'm supposed to visit?

Between limiting the number of daily visitors and CMEE’s 7000 sq. ft. of exhibit space, there is ample room to safely play while maintaining social distance. However, if you do not feel comfortable visiting on days where outdoor is impossible due to weather, please let us know prior to your scheduled visit.


Will my membership be extended?

All Family Memberships have been extended for 142 days to compensate for the time when the Museum was closed. Updated electronic membership cards will be emailed to members after August 3 this year If you have opted out of e-mail from the Museum, you will not receive a revised electronic card.

Do I have to make a reservation?

For your safety and so that the number of people in the building can be limited, all visitors, including Family Members need to make a reservation in advance. To make a reservation, please visit our website.

Am I limited in how many times we can visit?

Members are not limited in the number of times they can visit, but you may only book one reservation per day. You cannot make reservations for multiple days on one day. For safety reasons, the number of people allowed in the building will be limited.

Private Events & Groups

Can I reserve a special event?

Yes. With more than 7,000 square feet of usable event space, including seasonal outdoor space, CMEE is well suited to hosts events under the guidelines and recommendations of the local public health department.

Our special event coordinator will work with you in designing your event in this new environment. The safety and well-being of you and your guests is our top priority. For additional information, please email info@cmee.org.

Can I make a group reservation?

As the Museum transitions and adjusts to a new normal and schools, camps, and community organizations do the same, group reservations will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact info@cmee.org to arrange a group visit.

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